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Alongside its ongoing activity, the firm of Alexander Shapira & Co. engages in the drafting of articles relating to the field of taxation. Such articles are frequently quoted by the various courts when issuing judgments on matters relating to taxation which are brought before them and are also quoted frequently by the financial journalism. Among the hundreds of articles published by the firm, one may find, inter alia, article regarding share option tax which was awarded first place in the contest of articles dealing with tax issues in the memory of the late Prof. Aharon Yoran.

In addition to the abovementioned articles, the firm also published a book relating to the subject of Capital Market Taxation which constitutes an innovative, unique and one of a kind textbook in this field, which thoroughly reviews all angles of the various tax liabilities with respect to the execution of transactions in the capital market.

Alongside the professional literature, the firm also publishes and issues presentations in the various fields of taxation.