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Founded in 2003, Alexander Shapira & Co. is among the leading boutique law firms specializing in the field of taxation.
The firm engages exclusively in the field of taxation and constitutes a one stop shop in this field.
The services provided by the firm include ongoing tax advising, tax planning and accompanying commercial transactions, obtaining Pre-Ruling authorizations from the Tax Authorities, provision of legal opinions with respect to complex tax issues, accompanying clients in voluntary disclosure proceedings, management of assessment hearings with the various tax authorities and representation before the courts with regard to civil appeals relating to tax issues (to the full list).
The foundation for the success of the firm is its values – excellence, non-compromising professionalism, innovation, direct and personal unmediated contact, loyalty and discretion.
On the basis of this strong foundation, a unique, vigorous and innovative boutique firm was established, offering its clients overall and comprehensive services, while demonstrating creativity, vast proficiency in the fields of taxation, law and accounting and total commitment to the needs of the client.
The comprehensive and quality services which the firm offers to its clients are based also on the deep familiarity and productive work relations which exist with the Tax Authorities in Israel, and their various departments: the administration of the Tax Authority and its various departments, the Assessors' Offices, the Land Taxation Offices, the VAT stations and the State Advocacy Offices. In addition, the firm has formed throughout the years close working relations with the leading law and accounting firms in Israel and outside of Israel and operates in cooperation with them to the benefit of its clients.

The Firm Clients

The unique field of expertise engaged in by Alexander Shapira & Co. and its undertaking of loyalty and discretion do not allow for the exposure of the identity of its clients.
In essence, it should be noted that the firm has a wide range of quality clients, particularly in comparison to its size, while some are directed to the firm by their counsels – whether advocates accountants or tax advisers who view the firm as the address for professional management of issues in the field of taxation.
Among the clients of the firm are the leading business groups and businessmen in Israel, public entities, private and public corporations and their controlling shareholders, Israeli and international partnerships and ventures, investment funds, businessmen (including from the religious sector), wealthy families, freelancers, liquidators and receivers and many more.
The clients of the firm are active in all fields of the industry and the commerce including: technology and hi-tech, bio-tech, energy, medicine, insurance, distribution and commerce, infrastructure and projects, security industries, real estate, tourism, banking and financing, media, venture and investment capital funds and more.

Tax Newsletters of the Firm

Within the various activities of the firm and since the establishment of the Website CapiTax.co.il in 2004, Alexander Shapira & Co. sends out newsletters concerning the various fields of taxation to tens of thousands of readers who are members of the mailing list of the firm, among which are included accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, businessmen and women, land appraisers, financial executives and accountants as well as judges, employees of the State Advocacy Office and the Tax Authorities. These newsletters which include ongoing updates regarding matters of judgments, legislation and practice in the field of taxation, have long since become well known and are deemed as the leading and professional publications in this field in Israel.

Contributing to the Community

Alexander Shapira & Co. takes many actions in order to promote social activism in the community. In this respect, the firm provides legal services, pro bono, in many cases which are referred to it.
In addition, Alexander volunteers within the Foundation for the Welfare of Holocaust Survivors in Israel.
Alexander is also involved regularly in the activities of the Israeli Bar Association and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, as a lecturer, as a member of the various committees and as the presiding judge. 

Alexander photo

Adv. & C.P.A Alexander Shapira is deemed as one of the leading tax experts in Israel and has personally handled successfully hundreds of transactions and taxation issues before the various tax authorities, including within the courts.
Alexander is known among the business and the legal communities, as well as among the Tax Authorities, as one who holds an extensive reputation in managing new and challenging taxation issues while demonstrating unique creativity and he prides himself on the values of excellence, multi-disciplinary professionalism and dedication.
Alexander holds a bachelors degree in law (L.L.B) and accounting (B.A) from the University of Tel-Aviv (combined track for excellent students) and is a law graduate (LL.M) of the University of Tel-Aviv and is the author of the Textbook "Capital Marker Taxation" (Third Edition, April 2019) as well as of hundreds of professional articles and publications in the field of taxation, including the article regarding share option tax which was awarded first place in the contest of articles dealing with tax issues in the memory of the late Prof. Aharon Yoran.
Alexander is a member of the Israeli Bar Association (1999) and acts as a Member of the Israeli Bar Association Tax Committee and as a member of the response team of this committee. Alexander is also a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel (2001), acts as member of the Head Tax Committee and of several additional committees in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel and acts as the disciplinary presiding judge of the Institute.
Alexander lectures regularly in the academy as well as in important conferences, including in the Israeli Bar Association, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, the Israeli Institute of Tax Advisors, Lahav (the Faculty of Management in the University of Tel-Aviv) and more.
Alexander is a member of the editorial board of the bi-monthly journal "Taxes", he is a member of the board of the journal "Taxes and Actions" of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel and is also a member of the HPS Comptrollers Team of Tax Experts.
At the beginning of his professional career, Alexander was employed in the tax department of KPMG after which he joined the law firm of Kantor Elhanani Tal & Co. which later on merged into the firm currently known as Meitar Liquornik Geva Leshem Tal.