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תיאור התמונה

About Us

Alexander Shapira & Co. is among the leading boutique law firms specializing in the field of taxation.
The services provided by the firm include ongoing tax advising, tax planning and accompanying commercial transactions, obtaining Pre-Ruling authorizations from the Tax Authorities, provision of legal opinions with respect to complex tax issues, accompanying clients in voluntary disclosure proceedings, management of assessment hearings with the various tax authorities and representation before the courts with regard to civil appeals relating to tax issues.

The foundation for the success of the firm is its values – excellence, non-compromising professionalism, innovation, direct and personal unmediated contact, loyalty and discretion.
On the basis of this strong foundation, a unique, vigorous and innovative boutique firm was established, offering its clients overall and comprehensive services, while demonstrating creativity, vast proficiency in the fields of taxation, law and accounting and total commitment to the needs of the client.
The comprehensive and quality services which the firm offers to its clients are based also on the deep familiarity and productive work relations which exist with the Tax Authorities in Israel, and their various departments: the administration of the Tax Authority and its various departments, the Assessors' Offices, the Land Taxation Offices, the VAT stations and the State Advocacy Offices. In addition, the firm has formed throughout the years close working relations with the leading law and accounting firms in Israel and outside of Israel and operates in cooperation with them to the benefit of its clients.

Practice Areas

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    Tax Litigation

    Alexander Shapira & Co. specializes distinctively in litigation in a range of the civil taxation spheres, while the managing of the cases is performed, in many cases, already from the stage of the assessment hearings.
    The firm managed and currently manages hundreds of cases before the various courts, including their respective intermediate proceedings, which relate to originating motions, appeals, class actions, petitions to the High Court of Justice and conducts evidence hearings in the respective various cases.
    In addition, the firm engages in filing claims against the Social Security Institute with respect to disputes concerning the liability of individuals to pay social security payments with respect to income and profits generated by them.
    The firm has a rich record of significant victories and precedents alongside the formulation of settlement agreements.

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    Legal Opinions

    Alexander Shapira & Co. provides detailed and comprehensive written opinions with respect to various complex issues which are presented to it.
    The opinions are drafted while professionally implementing interdisciplinary aspects and they are accompanied by an comprehensive research, going down to details, creativity and while strictly adhering to an in depth analysis and fluent and quality writing.
    It is no wonder that the opinions drafted by the firm are known for their professional nature and are appreciated by colleagues as well as by the Tax Authorities.
    It should be noted that on many occasions the firm is requested to provide an additional opinion to an opinion already provided by a different firm (Second Opinion).

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    Alexander Shapira & Co. regularly engages in obtaining prior approvals from the Tax Authorities (Pre-Rulings) in all fields of taxation.
    When addressing the Tax Authorities by the firm, a reasoned and detailed request is drafted and negotiations are held with the relevant officials in the Tax Authorities in order to reach the best possible result in favor of the client.

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    Corporate Taxation

    Alexander Shapira & Co. has rich experience in accompanying public and private corporations both during their ongoing businesses and upon the arising of taxation issues in business junctions which require ad-hoc solutions.
    In this framework, the firm engages in ongoing consultation, provision of legal opinions, obtaining of pre-rulings from the Tax Authorities, handling of structure changes and more.

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    Individual Taxation

    Alexander Shapira & Co. has extensive knowledge and experience for purposes of consulting, assisting and accompanying individuals in general and those defined as High net worth individuals in particular.
    The firm engages in the management of all taxation aspects of such clients while using the knowledge and experience gained in the field of taxation of capital assets and capital markets (Adv. & C.P.A Alexander Shapira is the author of the book Taxation of Capital Market).
    In addition, the firm engages in the establishment of Israeli and international trusts while maximizing the legal and taxation advantages contained therein.

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    International Taxation

    Alexander Shapira & Co. provides tax consultation to Israeli residents who are engaged in international business activities as well as to foreign residents who have business activity in Israel, for purposes of legally reducing the burden of tax which is applicable to them, all while cooperating with taxation experts from all around the world.
    In this framework, the firm provides consultations with respect to international investment structures, international financial products, trusts and international tax planning for private people.
    In addition, the firm provides international tax planning to multi-national companies with respect to their activity in Israel, including taking optimal advantage of the tax Treaties. In many cases, the firm is requested to examine the feasibility of investment structures and trusts planned by other advisors, including the tax liabilities exposures embodied therein.

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    Added Value Tax

    Alexander Shapira & Co. manages complex matters of VAT including tax at zero rate, tax exemption, financial institutions and the capital market, recognition of bad debts, input tax return and more.
    The services provided by the firm in this field include provision of legal consulting, obtaining pre-rulings from the Tax Authorities, provision of legal opinions, representation before the Tax Authorities in the conducting of assessment hearings and objections as well as representation in VAT appeals before the court.

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    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Alexander Shapira & Co. consults and accompanies clients in issues relating to mergers, divisions, acquisitions, sales and other forms of re-structuring.
    This includes, inter alia, tax planning of the transaction both on the part of the buyer and on the part of the seller; performance of due diligence; examination of the tax implications applicable to the planned structure; addressing the Tax Authorities in order to obtain a pre-ruling and more.

  • icon of Real Estate Tax

    Real Estate Tax

    Alexander Shapira & Co. has expertise in the field of real estate taxation and manages all aspects of taxation (including income tax, real estate tax and VAT) which apply to land transactions and different tax events, including with respect to the sale of residential apartments, combination/consideration transactions or joint transactions, National Planning Scheme 38, realization of assets during liquidation of entities and in general, actions in real estate entities, tax aspects in special occasions (bequeath, divorce, forced proceedings etc') and more.
    The firm has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise also with respect to income tax and VAT aspects and the combination of all these allows the firm to provide its clients with the professional services it is known for.

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    Capital Market Taxation

    Alexander Shapira & Co. specializes, inter alia, in capital market taxation, while the book published by Alexander in this regard is deemed as a unique one of a kind textbook in this field.
    The services provided in this respect include accompanying IPOs and capital raising, planning and constructing the IPO in order to reach optimal tax results (direct and withheld taxes), advising on all taxation aspects relating to distribution of dividends and sale of securities and more.

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    Employee Tax Benefits

    Alexander Shapira & Co. has rich knowledge and experience with respect to employee and executive compensation, including without limitation, drafting of capital compensation plans, options, bonus plans, handling of capital compensation of employees and executives in the framework of acquisition transactions and structure changes, accompanying boards of directors in reaching decisions in this field and obtaining prior approvals from the Tax Authorities.
    The firm is extremely familiar with the taxation rules (including social security (Bituach Leumi)) relevant to transfer of employees from Israel to abroad and from abroad to Israel.
    The firm assists in detecting the needs of the business client and the employee involved in the transfer, identification of tax and other liabilities and provision of consultation and general management, including representation before the Tax Authorities and the social security Institute (Bituach Leumi).

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    Voluntary Disclosure

    Alexander Shapira & Co. handled and handles hundreds of individuals and corporations who declare their unreported income and capital.
    The firm has vast experience in managing procedures of voluntary disclosure, including disclosures relating to significant scopes of taxes, while making optimal use of the Civil Tax legislation and emphasizing the regulation of the relevant criminal aspects of such.
    The legal services which are provided by the firm in the field of voluntary disclosure are performed under Adv.-client confidentiality and in a completely discrete manner.