Alex Shapira, Advocate (C.P.A.)
Graduate of the Tel-Aviv University, Israel, LL.B. & B.A. (Accounting) (combined track for excellent students), LL.M (Commercial Law).
Lawyer and a Member of the Israeli Bar Association.
C.P.A. and Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.
Member of the Israeli Bar Association Tax Committee.
Member of the bimonthly "Missim" magazine editorial board.
Lecturer in courses, one day seminars and advanced study courses at academic institutions and various forums, including the Bar Association, Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel, the Chamber of Tax Advisors, Lahav (the Faculty of Management at the Tel-Aviv University), the Advanced Center for Tax Studies (Bar Ilan University Law Faculty) the Financial College, HPS Comptrollers & others.
Member of the HPS Comptrollers Team of Tax Experts.
Author of the Textbook "Capital Market Taxation".
Author of dozens of professional articles and publications in the tax sphere, including an article regarding share option tax, which was awarded first place in a contest dealing with tax subjects in memory of the late Prof. Yoran.

Alex Shapira & Co., Law Firm
Alex Shapira & Co., Law Firm specializes in various spheres of taxation including income tax, land taxation, V.A.T. and international taxation.
The services provided by the firm, include current tax advice, tax planning and accompanying commercial transactions, obtaining pre-ruling authorizations from the tax authorities, provision of legal opinions regarding complex tax issues, conducting assessment hearings with the various tax authorities and representation in court regarding civil appeals relating to tax matters. In addition to its specialization in the various tax spheres, the firm serves its clients in the variety of civil – commercial legal spheres. The firm provides legal advice in regard to various transactions, including transaction structure, due diligence inspections, conducting negotiations and preparing contracts - all on a parallel to meticulous tax planning.
The firm accompanies its clients in the various real estate spheres in Israel and abroad: construction, sales, leasing, condominiums, combination transactions, parcellation, relocation and construction, National Planning Scheme 38 and more. Also in this sphere, the firm provides its clients with close accompaniment, including advice and attention to the various tax ramifications.

In addition, the firm specializes in the establishment of companies, partnerships and other bodies as well as advice regarding all the aspects (including tax aspects) relating to these bodies and their legal administration - from the establishment stage, through determining the strategy and construction of the contractual and business ties, up to accompanying the current operation. The firm’s clients include construction and real estate companies, high tech companies, industrial companies, trust and provident funds, business partnerships and self employed people from the liberal professions.
The firm is involved on a current basis in a long list of transactions and for this purpose, cooperates with firms of advocates and certified public accountants in Israel and abroad. The professional ability and rich experience of Advocate (C.P.A.) Shapira ensure that our client receives personal, quality and dedicated treatment.

The firm may be contacted directly at the following address:

Alex Shapira & Co., Law Firm
Sonol Tower (20th floor)
52 Menachem Begin Road, Tel-Aviv 67137
Tel: 972-3-6245444 Fax: 972-3-6245999 Email:
Confidentiality is assured

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